We'll have a barrel of fun

Did most of the morning boot camp class…pushes, pulls, squats, sprints, etc.
It was hot and sticky, I was sweating before we even started.
Finished up with clients, music work, nap time.
Woke up, ate and back to the Garage for more. Finished with clients and started taking apart the beer barrel that Purdy Lounge donated to us (thanks!).
After a few minutes, got it open and filled it half way with water. Lifting this thing is a whole new experience. Uneven weight provides a whole new challenge. Balance and strength have to work together and focus has to be 100%.
I also tried out the weight belt that Joseph lent to me.

pull ups…
bodyweight x 13
25. lb x8
35 lb x6
35 lb x6
45 lb x5
45 lb x4
bodyweight x 10
these last ten felt like I was floating…

This was supposed to be a full rest day, but after the pulls I did a few sets of overhead press/row with the barrel just to see how it felt.

Time for music, good organic berries and spinach, and the 11-5 shift on the decks at the Lounge.

Thursday Morning

36 minutes of doormouse cardio circuit
One minute on, half minute off.
I ate watermelon this morning for the first time in a long time.
ENERGY!!! Love it.
We went hard today with 45 lb weighted push ups/plank holds (put a plate on your back and go), push/pulls (5 pull ups, ten push ups, repeat), burpees, stairs, bar cleans, high knees, jumping lunges, etc. 24 sets.
Finished with jump squats (normal squat, but jump up explosively at the bottom)
65 x10
85 x10
105 x10
125 x10
125 x10

Workin’ that vertical leap…this stuff works. I am 32 years old and I can dunk a basketball without question for the first time in my life. I also feel tiredness in my legs at the end of longer runs like never before. Give and take.

Stretch, protein, shower, salad, music and then on to the studio, the pool, outdoor class and another club guest spot before tomorrow starts.


I learned what real dead lifting is.
Warm up with cable lat pull downs, medium weight. Moved onto Smith machine rows with 95, 115, 135.


Dead lift
135lb. x15

Not a lot of weight, but I’ve never dead lifted more than 135, ever, period. WOW. My whole lower back is sore, not bad sore but I’m more aware than ever how seriously involved the lower back is involved in everything. Everything.
Moved on to some trapezius work and got finished with serious bicep work, all sets going 12, 10, 8.

Not my usual protocol but I’m working with an old-school trainer learning the body builder routines, soaking it in and seeing what it’s all about. He’s a well of knowledge and I’m enjoying his push. A whole different kind of pain, very quick and concentrated and it goes away as quickly as it comes. I’m used to endurance pain that comes, stays and fades only after time. This is intense, pointed struggle. Filling muscle with maximum force and seeing if you can push more. Running a mile at top speed certainly takes more mental focus and is, in my opinion, more grueling, but I can see the allure of the battle against heavy objects and I’m certainly not immune.

Today I did a good chunk of our morning class and rested the rest of the day outside of a few 55lb barbell jump squats and rear shoulder presses I did just because the bar was there.

We did a good full cleaning of the space today….swept, double mopped, vacuumed, polished, etc.

Show Pony Day

Chest, shoulders, triceps.
Lots of isolation movement.
Incline chest press@ 135 x10, 155 x8, 155×6, 155×6
supersetted with pliometric push ups to failure (10, 8, 8, 7)
Seated dip machine….this one was funny. Last week I worked out with Zolton and put a bunch of weight on it. I guess I didn’t understand how much push he was putting on my negative movement. I had to take plates off twice before I could do it.
Anyway, 3 sets with 160lb.
Decline chest press
155 x10, 155×10, 175×6, 175×6 (thanks for the spot Mark).
Smith machine shoulder press
65lbx10, 95lbx8, 115lbx8
supersetted with plate squeeze drop (grab a plate, squeeze it hard, lift your arms straight out, slowly drop arm to front, elbows locked)
25lbx12, 35lbx10, 35lbx10
shoulder sets
seated lateral raise, seated front raise, 90 degree short shoulder raise all at 15lb each arm x10 each, immediately followed by rear deltoid lift 30lb each arm x10
repeat x2
lying medial deltoid raise 15lb x10 each arm, 2 sets
triceps pushdown 100lbx10, 120lbx10, 110lbx10
supersetted with slow drop tricep pushups (drop to stomach, not chest, no thumb used for grip) to failure (8,7,6)

stretch, protein, shower, a little music work, more food, nap.


Twenty five hot miles in 90 degree weather in the heaven/hell that is Shark Valley Everglades Park. Learned that my back hates bikes (again) and that I need to
a. see i chiropractor weekly if I want to get good at biking.
b. spend about ten times more time on a bike if I want to get good at biking.
Welp, I’m ready to get passed after the swim at the next race and have a healthy back.