Check out what our WOD has in store for you today! If you are in town and need a workout, we are here for you! If the workout isn’t exactly what you are looking for feel free to talk to one of our amazing coaches about options to scale the workout either up or down to best meet your individual needs. To view our current class schedule, go to CrossFit 262 Schedule. If you are dropping in, please arrive 10 minutes early to meet the coach for your class and fill out a waiver.

Increase intensity (pace) with each AMRAP!

AMRAP 4:00
:30 Plank
8/8 Split Squats
20 Single Unders


AMRAP 3:00
20 Alt Plank Shoulder Taps
16 Alt Box Step Ups
15 DU (30 Singles)


AMRAP 2:00
5 Up-Downs
10 Alt Step Ups w/ KB in Goblet
20 DU (40 Singles)
Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)
MIN 1 - :50 Max Double Unders
MIN 2 - :50 Single KB Step-Up (70/53)|(53/35)/(24/20)*
MIN 3 - :50 Ring FLR

*KB can be held any way.

FLR is a Front leaning Raise, or a plank. This can be done on the rings, on paralettes or the floor.
Score is combined total of Dubs and Step-Ups

And what you missed yesterday:

3 Position Snatch (Weight)
Hip + Knee + Floor
Metcon (Time)
10 Devils Press (50/35)
50FT OH Walking Lunge
20 Push Press
50FT OH Walking Lunge
(Rx 1DB) [Rx+ 2DBs]

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